Did you know that compact fluorescent bulbs use 25% the energy of average light bulbs and last 10 times as long? (EnergyStar) By changing just one 100 watt light bulb to an energy saving bulb you could be saving over $70 on electricity costs over the bulb's lifetime.

Are you a parent that is tired of fundraisers that don’t teach anything to the students? Junior Energy helps you to do something good for the environment, your wallet and your child's school. We are empowering kids to not just learn about energy and energy savings but to take action right here at home. When your child brings home the Junior Energy survey, help them find all the fixtures in your home and note the size and wattage of the light bulbs. HouseOnce they upload this information to our site, you will be given the option to purchase one or all of the bulbs you need to start saving money and energy. These bulbs will be provided to you at a significant discount to the retail price.

All proceeds remaining after the actual manufacturer cost for the bulb and the direct cost of shipping and handling go directly back to the school for environmental activities and projects of the school's choosing.

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