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We want your school to be a part of Junior Energy. Are you a principal, PTA member or a Superintendent that cares about the environment and wants to generate funding for your school? Are you a teacher that wants to integrate more environmental education into the classroom? Junior Energy can help. Our philosophy is to bring education and empowerment into the classroom around environmental issues.

We pair a curriculum and other learning tools with an action students can take to ensure that the learning sticks. Our current programming is paired with a 'fun' raiser---students learn about important energy issues and sell CFL light bulbs to family and friends; this has a significant impact on their homes and their parents' wallets. Our program is easy to implement and because we are a non-profit, all proceeds remaining after the actual manufacturer cost for the bulb and the direct cost of shipping go directly back to the school.

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Junior Energy ships all bulb orders directly to the school to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. When students place their orders we ask them to note which teacher/classroom the bulbs will be delivered to. Please provide the appropriate list of teachers below if possible.

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